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Expandable 3D Printer
Invention Summary The Modular, Expandable, Scalable 3D Printer system consists of modular plates and an expandable frame system to customize the build of the printing system. The frame consists of three different frame supports, two of which are base supports that consist of square tube sections that can be attached together by inserting one section...
Published: 1/30/2024   |   Inventor(s): Kwang Kim, Zakai Olsen, Zachary Frank, Justin Neubauer, Alexandrea Washington, Emma Chao, Sophia Leon
Keywords(s): Computer Science & Software - Software
Category(s): All, Engineering & Manufacturing
Atmospheric Water Harvester Using a Gel with Embedded Salt
The Invention: This invention is an inexpensive gel-based atmospheric water harvester and dehumidifier that is less expensive, more energy efficient and requires fewer parts than current technology in the marketplace. The researchers have developed a cost-effective gel-based atmospheric water harvester and dehumidifier that surpasses existing technologies....
Published: 2/6/2024   |   Inventor(s): Han-Jae Cho, Yiwei Gao, Ryan Phung
Category(s): Energy & Environment, Engineering & Manufacturing, Chemistry
Smart Orthotic for Diabetic Patients
Invention Summary This smart orthotic senses distribution of pressure on the footpad to detect the earliest signs of tissue stiffening in diabetic patients which can reduce the possibility of developing foot ulcerations or limb amputation in diabetic patients. Components of the structure include: shoe insert, pressure sensors integrated within the shoe...
Published: 1/4/2023   |   Inventor(s): Janet Dufek, Mohamed Trabia
Keywords(s): Med Devices, Diagnostics & Healthtech, Med Devices, Diagnostics & Healthtech - Imaging
Category(s): Medical Devices, All
Rare Earth Recovery and Separation from Ionic Liquids
Invention SummaryThe process for dissolving, electrochemically recovering and separating rare earth metals from ionic liquid solutions is disclosed. Rare earth metals are valued for their unique magnetic, optical and catalyst properties which are used in many clean energy technologies including wind turbines, electric vehicles, photovoltaic thin films...
Published: 8/16/2022   |   Inventor(s): Kyle Boutin, Kenneth Czerwinski, Janelle Droessler, David Hatchett, Karen Jayne, Michael Kimble
Keywords(s): Chemistry
Category(s): All, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Energy & Environment
Variable Volatility Wagering
Invention SummaryThe present invention relates to the field of table games and especially to table games with electronic components enabling wager resolutions within the gaming table.A method and apparatus for playing a wagering game on a gaming system that enables different pay tables and related volatility wagers an underlying wagering game and a...
Published: 1/17/2023   |   Inventor(s): Russell Brooke Dunn, Steven Koza
Keywords(s): Gaming
Category(s): All, Gaming
Super Blackjack Game
Invention SummarySuper Blackjack is an all-new system meant to enhance blackjack play. The methodology and strategies in this game allow for more aggressive strategies, higher intermediate wagers and yet still maintains the flavor of traditional blackjack, so the game can be quickly learned and understood. This method is optimized for use on the digital...
Published: 8/16/2022   |   Inventor(s): Jeffrey Hwang
Category(s): All, Gaming
Bonus Event In Slot Machine Play
Invention Summary A method or apparatus that provides a bonus feature/event on an electronic video gaming machine that also has a touchscreen sensitivity component that connects the video display in communication with the processor. The method includes triggering a bonus event that provides and displays at least one wild card symbol in a fixed position...
Published: 1/17/2023   |   Inventor(s): Daniel Sahl, Sarah St. John
Category(s): All, Gaming
Simplified, Rapid Play of Baccarat-Type Game
Invention SummaryAll-new set of rules for a baccarat-style game meant to add excitement to Baccarat. Through simplified rules and efficient wagering processes, players are able to play faster and catch on quicker. This simple system enhances the game through electronic capabilities. Market OpportunityThe casino and gambling market has been steadily...
Published: 8/16/2022   |   Inventor(s): Dongsun Lee, Daniel Sahl
Category(s): All, Gaming
Three-Card Wagering System and Method
Invention SummaryThe present invention relates to the field of wagering devices and methods, novel wagering systems and system for enabling execution of the wagering games.A wagering event requires a first and second wager to receive a partial hand for a player position and a dealer position. After receipt of the partial hand, a play wager must be made...
Published: 1/17/2023   |   Inventor(s): Russell Brooke Dunn, Yurong Huang, Mark Yoseloff
Category(s): All, Gaming
Invention SummaryThis invention is related to the field of gaming technology and random selection of 10 numbers identifying frames and winning outcomes in comparison with correspondence of frames and randomly selected symbols.Keno is similar to Lotto. It was first introduced in China many years ago. The game was brought to the United States in the mid...
Published: 1/17/2023   |   Inventor(s): Andres Gonzalez Roa, Mark Yoseloff
Category(s): All, Gaming, Computer Science & Software > Apps
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