Combination Therapies for Anxiey disorders


Inventors: Dustin J. Hines, Rochelle M. Hines

Hines, D: Research is aimed at understanding the role that glial cells play under normal and pathological conditions, which include neuropsychiatric disorders (depression), traumatic brain injury, stroke and Alzheimer disease. 

Hines, R: Rochelle Hines’ research is aimed at understanding neurodevelopmental processes under normal and pathological conditions, which include autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, and developmental epilepsies.

The Invention: 

Anxiety disorders have become extremely common in modern society which are combated with commonly prescribed clinical agents that are subject to side effects of sedation and motor impairment, as well as high rates of abuse and addiction. This research has been evaluating potent compounds (( 4-Methoxy-6-[(E)-2-phenylethenyl]-5, 6-dihydro-2H-pyran-2-one, and 4-Methoxy-6-[(E)-2-2(4-methoxphenyl)ethenyl]-pyran-2-one )) 


  • May provide relief from anxiety while not sedating or impairing the patient
  • These specialized compounds, combined with selective NAchRs chosen for their ability to potentiate their action is a completely novel approach to treating anxiety disorders
  • Alternative routes of administration that increase the convenience, palatability, and utility of these compounds will significantly improve clinical application

Market Opportunity: 

  • As referenced earlier, the anxiety disorders have become very prevalent and therefore there is a need for ways to assist this population. According to Data Bridge Market Research, “growth rate in the global anxiety disorder market in the forecast period 2022-2029. The expected CAGR of the global anxiety disorder market tends to be around 5% in the mentioned forecast period. The market was valued at USD 11 billion in 2021, and it would grow up to USD 16.25 billion by 2029.”

Intellectual property:

  • Animal testing for proof of concept, using a pharmacologically validated animal models of anxiety
Patent Information:
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Zachary Miles
Associate Vice President for Technology & Partnerships
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dustin Hines
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