Modified Ionic Liquids for Thermal Properties in CubeSats


Inventors: Pradip Bhowmik

His expertise includes Organic and Polymer Synthesis, Nanomaterials Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Ionic Liquids, Anticancer Drugs.

The Invention: 

NASA requires the improvement of thermal management systems to regulate heat transfer among components within space vehicles or small spacecraft such as CubeSate. This disclosure aimed at developing ionic liquid-based phase change materials to tune melting points, evaluate thermal conductivities, and regulate heat transfer among components to control temperatures at predetermined values.


  • Invention of new PCMs provides better performance for suite properties than those conventional organic PCMs.
  • Exhibit excellent thermal stability, can be used over a broad range of temperatures, have high thermal conductivity, heat storage, thermal diffusivity and thermal iberia and show low corrosiveness and low coefficient of volume expansion. 
  • They possess excellent properties that make them usable for various applications

Market Opportunity: 

  • According to Allied Market Research, the market of Cubesats is expected to reach $491.3M by 2027, with a CAGR of 15.1%. Furthermore, CubeSats “are cost-effective solutions that have eased the launch of missions for low-Earth orbit for commercial companies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. These miniaturized satellites provide opportunities to perform several scientific studies and technology demos in space in a cost-effective, timely, and relatively easy manner.”

Intellectual property:

  • Bench prototype
Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
John Minnick
Business Development Officer
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Pradip Bhowmik
Haesook Han
Kevin Yu
Maksudul Alam
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