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The invention

TravelMate is an application designed to provide business travelers with a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to curate searches and tasks. The A.I. 's programming allows for predictive capabilities based on cross-referencing the users past searches, preferences, and device use. TravelMate streamlines business operations like scheduling and transportation through predictive software technology

Market Opportunity

App developers, specifically in the business realm, have taken advantage of the surge of new technology to introduce innovative apps to the market. According to IBISWorld, software developers have enjoyed an annual growth in revenues of 7.9% since 2014 and are projected to maintain that growth in the coming years. This growth coincides with the steady growth of mobile internet connections. The amount of mobile internet users has nearly tripled since 2010, opening the doors for innovative technologies to enter the market.

With business applications taking 23.6% of the industry’s product segmentation, business software and technology is expected to benefit significantly from the mobile technology boom. TravelMate, designed specifically to streamline everyday business processes, has a favorable opportunity in this growing market.


  • Artificial intelligence creates a custom user experience.
  • All-in-one system decreases the hassle of switching between sites.
  • Adaptive programming allows for a wide range of personalization, from company policy to dinner reservations.
  • Various capabilities including itinerary, expense reports, and reminders.
  • Vertical marketing catered specifically to the needs of business travelers.

Intellectual property

  • U.S. Provisional Application No.: 62/334,871
  • U.S. Provisional Application No.: 62/484,616
  • U.S. PCT Application No.: US2018/027295
  • U.S. Utility Patent Application No.: 15/592,846


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