Centralized Safety Training Management Program


The Invention: 

This centralized safety Training Management Program provinces easy and manageable tracking of safety training courses taken by personnel in the classroom and or online. It will track classes taken in horse or via other vendors. There are also 23 online safety training courses available for clients anytime and anywhere with convenient 24 hour access, 7 days a week. Easy accessibility saves everyone time and is effective and convenient for both management and employees alike. 

In addition to monitoring training, management reports provide managers, supervisors and personnel with access to all individual training history, allowing for up-to-date compliance monitoring and tracking of safety classes completed throughout the year. Flexibility with training allows for cost effective savings and streamlined time management. 


  • Ability to maintain a centralized safety management program for all types of training obtained whether online via in-house training, classroom training and/or training provided by outside vendors. 
  • This program also allows all users to see the reports so as to determine if training is current
  • Utilized by any type of entity that requires the training of staff
  • User friendly, efficient, and effective

Market Opportunity: 

  • Due to the increase of technology, there has been a demand for both online and in-person training service options. According to Credence Research, the market is online program management was valued to be $4.2B and only expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.6% and reach $11.5B  by 2030.

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Zachary Miles
Associate Vice President for Technology & Partnerships
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
John Centineo
William Murray
Aaron Wilson
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