Thiophosphoric Acids as Novel Organocatalysts and Synthetic Methods of Thiophosphonate derivatives as Pharmaceutical Agents


New organocatalyst that can be used in pharmaceutical drugs, insecticides, and other chemical products.

The Invention

This invention relates to a new type of chemical catalyst called thiophosphoric acids, which can be used in the production of pharmaceutical agents, insecticides, and other useful compounds. Thiophosphates can be effective in treating cancer and glaucoma and have important biological properties.

The invention provides detailed descriptions of the compounds, compositions, articles, systems, devices, and methods involved in synthesizing and using these compounds.


Key Benefits

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agrochemistry

Market Opportunity

As thiophosphoric acids can be used in a variety of different useful compounds, there are several markets for them such as pharmaceutical research and scientific research & development (R&D).

The pharmaceutical research industry provides a wide range of research and development services to pharmaceutical companies.According to Precedence Research, the global drug discovery market was worth at US$ 55.46 billion in 2022 and is predicted to hit US$ 133.11 billion by 2032.

Activities of the scientific R&D industry involve agricultural research, cancer research, and medical research. The market size for this industry, excluding pharmaceutical companies and government entities, is currently at $223.7 billion. The industry is expected to expand at 2.4% per year to $251.5 billion by the end of 2028.

Development and Intellectual Property Status

US Provisional Patent Pending, Filed 10/19/2022


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University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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