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Thiophosphoric Acids as Novel Organocatalysts and Synthetic Methods of Thiophosphonate derivatives as Pharmaceutical Agents
New organocatalyst that can be used in pharmaceutical drugs, insecticides, and other chemical products. The Invention This invention relates to a new type of chemical catalyst called thiophosphoric acids, which can be used in the production of pharmaceutical agents, insecticides, and other useful compounds. Thiophosphates can be effective in treating...
Published: 4/9/2024   |   Inventor(s): Jun Yong Kang, Jeffrey Ash
Keywords(s): Chemistry, Therapeutics & Drug Delivery - Therapeutic
Category(s): All
Synthesizing and investigating novel synthetic cannabidiol congeners for enhanced clinical utility
The Invention: Developed an innovative method to convert caraway-derived (+)-carvone (1, $0.15/g) into (–)- isopiperitenol (3, $1000/g) – a critical intermediate that was previously employed in the synthesis (+)-ent-CBD [(+)-5, Scheme 1]. Of note, this four step process (1 to 3) can be performed on multi-gram scale and relies on the one-pot...
Published: 3/14/2024   |   Inventor(s): Rochelle Hines, Dustin Hines, William Maio
Keywords(s): Chemistry, Life Science, Life Science - Health, Therapeutics & Drug Delivery, Therapeutics & Drug Delivery - Therapeutic
Category(s): All
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