Third Generation Inhibitors *Supplement IDF


Inventor Ernesto Abel-Santos:

Expertise includes: Bioorganic Chemistry, Enzymology, Bacterial Spore Germination, Bioterrorism

The Invention: 

In an effort to study inhibitors of C. difficile spore germination, we recently found a set of compounds that have strong anti-germination activity in multiple strains. These compounds (see supplemental section below) completely inhibit germination at concentrations below 1 uM. 


  • Anti-germinants compounds against C. Difficile.
  • Can be used as prophylaxis of CDI
  • Development of preventive treatments against CDI

Market Opportunity: 

C. difficile is the most common cause of healthcare-associated infection in U.S. hospitals and is estimated to cost acute facilities $4.8 billion per year. C. Difficile commonly affects the elderly population and patients in long-term care facilities. Approximately 200,000 Americans are infected with C. difficile in a medical care facility per year and 1 out of 11 patients aged 65 years old or older dies within 30 days of diagnosis. 

Currently, only antibiotics are used to treat CDAD and CDI. However, antibiotics treatments alone can result in the appearance of highly resistant and hypervirulent bacteria strains. Thus, there is a need for additive and alternative treatments.

Intellectual property:

  • Early stage
Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
John Minnick
Business Development Officer
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ernesto Abel-Santos
Chris Yip
Jaqueline Phan
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