Automated White board Eraser


An automated white board eraser is proposed to wipe clean the board without resorting to a manual effort to wipe that board as has been usually done for several years with white board.  

Inventor: Samir Moujaes

Areas of expertise include: HVAC, Thermal engineering, Renewable energy


The automated eraser idea is a simple one in principle and it is composed essentially of a horizontal cylinder(A) which may span say have the length of the white board be erased. Through the use of a small motor to allow the lowering of (A) starting from the top to the bottom of the white board height (H). As the eraser reaches the bottom of the height of the board it will automatically raise itself to the top by reversing the rotation of that motor. If the board is wider than the length of the cylinder then a preprogrammed action will be set in motion to move the whole cylinder/motor assembly to the remaining side of board to perform the same erasing action on that side of the board after the faculty member is finished with writing/explaining on that side of the board and where the faculty member could stay a little further away from this action and not be caught up where his/her “breathing zone” is further out from the erasing action taking place.


  • The advantage of this invention is that it speeds up timewise the erasing action and allows the “breathing zone” of the faculty member to be away from the zone where the actual erasing is taking place, minimizing the potential allergic effect that can be generated.
  • It is a cleaner and less polluting method to wipe out white boards used in schools, university classrooms etc. 
  • can be applied in all schools and universities  

Market Opportunity:

According to IBISWorld, there are a variety of markets that overlap with this idea. Currently, school supplies wholesaling has a revenue of $3.8B. In a different study on school supply sales the industry is deceived to have a revenue of $2.7B and expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.5% between 2023 and 2028.

Intellectual property:

  • Concept
Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
John Minnick
Business Development Officer
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Samir Moujaes
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