Josh App Resort Guide


Inventor: Mark Kua 

Kua earned a B.B.A and Master of Architecture both at UNLV and is now working at RAFI Architecture. 


The Josh App is an all-in-one resort guide application that can assist with reservations, hotels registration checkin/out, dining options, entertainment options, special request, & emergency services. It makes extensive use of A.I. technology through IBM’s Watson technology and can fulfill practically any request within reason. Users can speak to the app and have an answer immediately. 


  • All-in-one app
  • Various services provided such as check in and check out 
  • Utilizes A.I. technology

Market Summary 

According to IBISWorld, use of discretionary funds towards tourism has boomed after the global pandemic and is experiencing a high level of growth. More specifically, the revenue of the global hotels & resorts market is currently at $1.6T, with a CAGR of 2.3% until 2029.

Intellectual property 

  • Concept
Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
John Minnick
Business Development Officer
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mark Kua
Joshua Klein
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