A method to create high quality vaccines using tuned monochromatic hard x-rays.


­The Invention: 

Propose using tuned/fixed energy penetrating and highly ionizing hard x-rays in the 7- 100 keV energy range to irradiate patients who are suffering from viral (e.g. COVID) and/or bacterial infections (e.g. pneumonia). The x-rays will target specific compounds/sites in viruses and/or bacteria with an aim to create highly localized (few angstroms) molecular damage that will inactivate the virus and/or kill the bacteria in question. The goal here is to reduce the viral or bacterial load on the patient to give their immune system a better shot to break the infection.


  • Resonance absorption of select x-rays that initiate targeted and highly localized molecular damage to kill specific molecules/organelles inside viruses or bacteria that constitute the patient's infection.
  • This effort is in situ which means it should have rapid effect. 

Market Opportunity: 

The market for X-Ray machine manufacturing is on the rise in the US with a current revenue of 

$10.2B. Furthermore, the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.4% between 2023 and 2028. Factors impacting this market include rise in product development, increased funding, and government investments.

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