Variable Volatility Wagering



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The present invention relates to the field of table games and especially to table games with electronic components enabling wager resolutions within the gaming table.

A method and apparatus for playing a wagering game on a gaming system that enables different pay tables and related volatility wagers an underlying wagering game and a side bet wager against a pay table.

The method allows a player placing a wager on the underlying wagering game; and it further allows providing a physical random event outcome in the wagering game on which both the underlying game and the side bet are based. At least one of the wager on the game and the wager on the side bet is made on at least one of two available wagers having differing volatilities from each other.


Market Opportunity


Gaming technology has advanced significantly over the years, and especially within the past two decades since the introduction and allowance of intelligent systems into the field. The use of processors, video displays, electronic accounting, and general processor control over gaming systems has provided much greater breadth in the types and controls of games used within the gaming industry.

According to IBISWorld, over the five years to 2024, the opening of new offline and online markets will likely spur growth as the global economy grows. These new markets are expected to increase gaming activities as governments attempt to gain greater access to money through gaming deregulation. Revenue is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 3.5% to $318.7 billion over the five years to 2024.

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Features and Benefits


A method of controlling volatility in gaming environments is enabled on an intelligent gaming table having multiple player positions and individual player input positions having:

•       a gaming table surface

•       individual player input positions on the table

•       a game processor executing code to perform a wagering game at the electronic gaming table

•       a random event generator that provides a random event outcome

•       each individual player input position having a control that provides information to the processor of an individual player position

•       selection of one of a multiple number of available pay tables and related volatility levels

•       The processor configured to resolve player position wagers at each individual player input position for the wagering game.



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U.S. Utility Patent No.: 9,836,916


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