Bonus Event In Slot Machine Play



Invention Summary

A method or apparatus that provides a bonus feature/event on an electronic video gaming machine that also has a touchscreen sensitivity component that connects the video display in communication with the processor. The method includes triggering a bonus event that provides and displays at least one wild card symbol in a fixed position in columns and rows used to determine a bonus outcome. During the bonus game, the processor generates a first random symbol that can be placed in a final position determined by the player via the touchscreen function. The processor fills the rest of the frames with random symbols and resolves a bonus outcomes according to the paylines within the columns and rows.


Market Opportunity

According to IBISWorld, revenue in the Casino Industry is expected to grow to $315.9 billion by 2023 at an annualized rate of 3.6%. Slot machines are now the hot favorites for casino visitors, and are almost twice as popular as blackjack and other traditional table games. Over the past five years, improving disposable income has contributed to the growth of gaming services, causing this segment's share of industry revenue to expand.


Features and Benefits

•       New features entices players to continue to play slot machines

•       Bonus aspect of the invention entices players to increase wagers and continue to play

•       Touchscreen feature than is implemented in the method or apparatus modernizes the game and attracts new players

•       Slot machine popularity is on the rise




Intellectual Property

U.S. Issued Patent No.: US 9,754,452


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