Wheel-Spinning Wagering Method and Apparatus for Sequential Outcomes on Multiple Wheels



Invention Summary


The present invention relates to the field of wagering devices and methods, novel wagering systems and methods related to big wheel or candy wheel type games.


One of the more common upright spinning wheel devices in the gaming industry is the Big 6 wheel, in which usually six different types of symbols are distributed randomly about a wheel, each of the symbols being present in different proportions or frequencies on the wheel.

The different symbols are either physically or virtually (in electronic format) separated from each other by pegs, and a usually fixed position pointer is used to determine the game event outcome, with the pointer identifying the symbol resulting from the game spin.


Market Opportunity

According to IBISWorld, over the next five years, growth is expected to be driven by increased legalization of sports betting and rising per capita income. Furthermore, advancements in technology will increase gambling participation. Industry revenue is expected to increase an annualized 2.0% over the five years to 2023, making the industry worth $238.8 billion.

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Features and Benefits


A method and system for operating a wagering event includes one to four outcomes on random number:

•       One common variant of this game is a large wheel with more than 30 spaces available on the face of the wheel

•       Each space is identified with a specific 25 denomination of currency.

•       The statistical long-range frequency of $1 appearing is less than 1:1, and so forth, through the statistical long-range frequency of the $50 denomination outcome being less than 1:50.

•       Winning outcomes on any wager are dependent upon sequences of correspondence of the predefined numbers

•       A wagering game is played with the three wheels having three distinct or coincident axes of rotation.

•       Each wheel is spun so that they are spinning (physically or virtually) at the same time, but they may stop sequentially, in reverse order, randomly or at the same time.

•       Wagers are placed on any one, sequence of two or sequence of three of the spinning wheels to predict outcomes of symbol identification a single wheel or sequences of wheels.


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U.S. Utility Patent No.: 9,613,485



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