Variable Color Element in Game



Invention Summary

A game object that is used as a moving object to provide random outcome events by movement and stoppage which indicates final position or mode. The game object body contains an accelerometer microchip, and a power source that is used to light the body which can be visibly seen from the outside. 


Market Opportunity

According to IBISWorld: Table games (casino games that use game objects) are typically associated with more high-risk gambling and require higher minimum investments to play. This segment is estimated to make up 15.8% of industry revenue in 2019. Over the five years to 2019, industry revenue is expected to increase at an annualized rate of 3.4% to reach $22.0 billion, including expected growth of 1.0% in 2019 alone.


Non-electronic toys, such as board games, puzzles, collectible card, pet toys, building blocks and related parts will account for an estimated 52.8% of industry revenue in 2019 and it is estimated that industry revenue will stay steady at $1.6 billion.


Features and Benefits

•       Method can be applied to both wagering and non-wagering gaming environments

•       Game body can take many forms such as die, dice, balls, roulette balls, roulette wheels and pointers on candy wheel just to name a few examples

•       The game object can be transformed or modified to become visibly appealing by incorporating a translucent body with lights inside


Intellectual Property

U.S. Utility Patent No.: 9,720,649


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