Sic Bo Summon the Dragon



Invention Summary

A Method and apparatus that allows side bets for dice games with a particular emphasis on Sic Bo. This method is comprised of a processor, gaming logic, a video display and player input system. Two distinct sets of three dice in each set are used, the processor accepts the initial wage based on standard dice (set 1) random outcomes. The processor accepts a secondary wage on a contemporaneous event but for a separate set of dice (set 2). The processor than displays the outcomes for the first set of dice and the second set of dice which can be composed of special/unique symbols. The various combination of numbers and unique symbols are compared to the pre-determined paytables in order to determine outcomes and rewards to the players and side betters.


Market Opportunity

According to IBISWorld: Table games are typically associated with more high-risk gambling and typically require higher minimum investments to play. This segment that includes dice games such as Craps, Hazard and Sic Bo, is estimated to make up 15.8% of industry revenue in 2019.

Over the five years to 2019, industry revenue is expected to increase at an annualized rate of 3.4% to reach $22.0 billion, including expected growth of 1.0% in 2019 alone.


Features and Benefits

•       Allows for new players to be exposed to Sic Bo which is a game most popular in the Asian Continent

•       Retains players familiar with the game(s)

•       Side bet aspect of the game adds to the foot traffic and entices current and new players to participate

•       Tables games increase high-risk gambling

•       Side bet aspect to a table game increases the amount waged per wagering event which can give the house an advantage depending on the pre-determined paytables and pay ratios


Intellectual Property

U.S. Utility Patent No.: 10,058,770


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