Pai Bacc



Invention Summary


Pai Bacc is meant to blend the popular games of Pai Gow and baccarat through digital integration. This system allows pertinent playing data, including payouts and wagers, to be displayed on screen to increase transparency and create a more streamlined experience. With the ability to function with both virtual and physical gaming, Pai Bacc is equipped for an increasingly digital gaming format.


Market Opportunity


The casino and gambling market has been steadily increasing with the expansion of online/virtual gambling as well as the increasing legality of gambling in and out of the United States. According to IBISWorld, industry revenue for casinos and online/virtual gambling is expected to increase by 3.5% to $318.7 billion over the five years to 2024. Furthermore, as gaming expenditure increases by an annualized rate of 3.1%, the market will also expand by an annualized rate of 2.6% as more gaming enterprises are established.


These factors point to the steady growth of the casino and gambling industry and as a result, the spread and appeal of table games. According to IBISWorld, gaming tables are the major product offered by the industry with 35% dedicated to this segment alone. This segment is estimated to make up 15.8% of industry revenue in 2019 and includes games such as baccarat, Pai Gow and poker. A system, like Pai Bacc, that displays and tracks relevant playing data is invaluable to an effective experience.


Features and Benefits


•       Blends elements of Pai Gow and baccarat to create a unique experience.

•       Display screen creates ultimate visibility for pertinent playing data.

•       Decreases the negative effects of commission through transparency of pertinent data.

•       Able to be used in both physical and virtual format making the system adaptable to the increase in online/digital gaming.

•       Increases game efficiency by automatically tracking player and dealer information.


Intellectual Property


U.S. Provisional Patent No.: 62/126,612


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