Table-Top Three Dimensional Display and Wagering Control



Invention Summary


This technology is a gaming system which provides a wagering venue of a gaming table with a top flat surface, a processor to simulate a physical random gaming event outcome and a memory storing three-dimensional holographic video displayable image data of a gaming element. The player’s input control will comprise a near field communication system with manual movement position recognized by the near field processor.


Market Opportunity


According to IBISWorld, The growing number of mobile internet and broadband connections, coupled with direct marketing to gamers via internet-connected consoles, has facilitated a rise in direct game downloads. Internet connectivity through consoles gives major players Microsoft Corporation, Sony Corporation and Nintendo Co. Ltd. an edge in marketing because they also produce the consoles that most players use. By selling products through their respective consoles, these companies have developed a marketplace to advertise and feature their games without competition from other publishers. As a result, companies are encouraging consumers to download games directly from the internet, raising the average industry profit margin due to lower distribution costs. Furthermore, internet platforms, such as the Apple App Store and Valve's Steam marketplace, have opened up a new market for publishers and significantly increased the number of operators. One person with coding skills can now develop a game for release on mobile phones and tablets, considerably reducing the industry's barriers to entry.

•       Table Gaming bets or wagering portals

•       Casinos

•       Online gaming

•       Virtual or video card games companies

o       Nintendo Corp.

o       Microsoft Corp.

o       Sony Corp.

o       Apple App Store


Features and Benefits


Further advances in three-dimensional technology are particularly desirable in the live gaming industry. As publishers adapt their products to a greater variety of technologies, such as smartphones, streaming gaming services and interconnected TVs, video games will appeal to an even greater audience. Industry revenue is forecast to continue growing as new platforms, blockbuster releases and rereleases of previous hits keep video game sales high, while consumers continue to benefit from increasing disposable income. Revenue is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 3.7% to total $29.0 billion over the five years to 2024.


Intellectual Property


U.S. Provisional Patent No.: 62/139,827


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