Dealer Playing Card Shoe with Manual Wheel Drive



Invention Summary

A method for providing access to and removal of playing cards in a dealer shoe where one or more decks of cards are placed in the shoe and by manual rotation of a wheel, at least one other wheel within the shoe will apply a downward and forward force to the bottom card causing the card to come out of the slot. A front opaque plate is implemented in order to mask the back of the cards which in turn prevents players from distinguishing card suits from the cards imperfections.


Market Opportunity

According to IBISWorld: Table and gaming machine gambling at licensed land-based casinos generate the bulk of revenue in the Global Casinos and Online Gambling industry. Gaming tables in land-based casinos (35.5% of industry revenue) and gambling machines, including slot machines at land-based casinos and other legal gaming venues (19.5% of industry revenue), combined account for nearly two-thirds of industry revenue.


In Las Vegas gaming table revenue account for over 50.0% of total gaming revenue at casinos


Features and Benefits

•       Can play more than one deck in the shoe

•       Dealer shoe configured to provide access to and removal of playing cards

•       Opaque plate prevents the players from gaining an advantage against the house

•       Wheel implementation adds to the notion of randomizing when cards are delivered and presented to the table/players



Intellectual Property

U.S. Provisional Patent No.: 62/305,617


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