Three-Card Poker with Side Bet



Invention Summary


The present invention relates to the field of wagering, or wagering on card games in a casino, video format, internet or multiplayer format.  A method-system for an underlying three-card poker wagering event and side bet game. It offers the player a resolution of the side bet wager with an award.


Market Opportunity


According to IBISWorld, The Casino Hotels industry has grown gradually over the five years to 2019. Domestic competition has increased during the current period, as states that did not previously permit gambling loosened regulations. Meanwhile, competition from international gaming capitals that attract operators by offering tax exemptions for new establishments, such as Macau, remain significant. Nevertheless, industry revenue has increased at an annualized rate of 1.4% to $65.7 billion over the five years to 2019, including estimated growth of 1.5% in 2019 alone. During the current period, industry revenue growth has been bolstered by favorable macroeconomic conditions, which has enabled consumers to spend more on gambling activities and entertainment at casino hotels.


Over the five years to 2024, the industry will likely continue to benefit from consistent improvements in the economy and growing social acceptance of gambling practices


•       Casinos

•       Internet wagering



Features and Benefits


One significantly attractive feature in gaming is the desire to win a large amount of money or value without wagering a large amount in each play of a game. A portion of the side bet wager is put into a progressive jackpot and payments are made for particularly high ranking hands.


•       Better payout frequency

•       Better payout amounts



Intellectual Property


U.S. Provisional Patent No.: 62/342,899


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