Window Magic



Invention Summary


An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) transparent screen which can stream images, videos and audio through a mobile application interface. Users are able to change the view of their window or “screen” to display personal or stocked content eliminating undesirable window views.


Market Opportunity


According to IBISWorld: The LED Manufacturing industry is projected to expand at a more modest rate over the next five years to 2024, with revenue forecast to rise an annualized 1.7% to $1.9 billion. Continued technological development will likely benefit the industry, as LEDs become increasingly used in consumer and industrial products for lighting in place of traditional lighting technology. Concerns about environmental awareness are also anticipated to persist, resulting in further interest in LEDs as an energy-efficient alternative for consumers and residential construction companies.


Target market includes but is not limited to: Hotels, Hospitals, Offices and Schools.


Features and Benefits


•       Users can personalize their view

•       Technology is bundled with mobile app in order to increase revenue

•       User can purchase additional content to display through the application

•       User is provided licensed content at no charge as it is included with the application

•       Users can select a privacy mode which blocks both light and heat

•       Saves Energy regarding air conditional and solar heat



Intellectual Property


US Provisional Patent No.: 62/334,925


Patent Information:
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Zachary Miles
Associate Vice President for Technology & Partnerships
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dung Le
Hien Thi Than Nguyen
Richard Olmedo
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