Electronic Gaming Machine with Projectile Which Eliminates Symbols



Invention Summary


Electronic gaming machine with skill input that displays a grid with multiple symbols and virtual projectiles. To accumulate the symbols the projectile(s) must land directly on one or multiple. Depending on the wager and/or the size of the grip array the player will received a predetermined number of virtual projectiles that may be presented in the shape that is most corresponding to the theme of the game (e.g. ball, arrow, bullet, etc.). Each projectile will have different penetrating strength and once the number of projectiles is exhausted, the total score depending on the symbols and wild cards accumulated will be counted in accordance to the predetermined paytable.


Market Opportunity


According to IBISWorld, revenue in the Casino Industry is expected to grow to $315.9 billion by 2023 at an annualized rate of 3.6%. Gaming machines with skill inputs are becoming attractive to gamers due to the interactivity of the game which allows them to strategies and make decisions while fully engaging them with the slot machine.


Features and Benefits


•       Skill cannot increased the maximum payout/award. In this case the maximum payout/award is determined on the wager and the symbols accumulated/collected.

•       By implementing a skill input in comparison to a traditional slot machine, a player is able to achieve their respective payout based on their respective decisions or strategy which can include their trajectories, targeted symbols, and usage of the varying projectile strengths.

•       Player can select the trajectory of the projectile and each projectile will have a predetermined pace which varies on the projectile strength. Projectile strength may be visual by size or color but not limited to either of the two which in turn allows the gamer to decide what symbols to target and accumulate depending on the projectiles penetrating strength.



Intellectual Property


US Patent No. 10,366,571

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