Phoswich Detector with Fast Neutron Spectroscopy Function


Phoswich Detector with Fast Neutron Spectroscopy Function



Invention Summary

This invention is related to neutron detection systems, and methods for the manufacture and use. It is described as a portable phosphor-sandwich (‘phoswich’) detector of neutrons and gamma rays with the neutron energy spectroscopy capability. Neutron detection is provided by the combination of two solid-state scintillators in the single system (lithium-loaded glass and plastic scintillator) mounted on a single optical readout (a photomultiplier tube or a solid-state photodiode).


Market Opportunity

The ability to detect fissile materials is of great importance in achieving nuclear nonproliferation goals and ensuring the safety of nuclear facilities. The detection and monitoring of sources of radiation in remote areas or facilities with limited physical access requires a rugged, portable, low power detection system for measurement and spectral analysis of radiation flux. This invention addresses this need through its features.


Features and Benefits   

  • Provides neutron measurement with incorporated data fusion advanced assessment and analysis software for applications in inspection and monitoring of nuclear materials
  • Provides authentication applications, and characterization & control of neutron generators
  • The phoswich consists of lithium-loaded glass and plastic scintillator cells mounted on a single optical readout (a photomultiplier tube or a solid- stale photodiode)


Intellectual Property

Issued Patent 10,359,522 


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