Electric/Magnetic Field Sensor



Invention Summary

The invention utilizes a single loop or multiple loops of wire—with or without a uniform dielectric coating—seamlessly attached to two identical coaxial transmission lines of same length. Near and at the coil end, the outer shields of the two coaxial lines are grounded together with solder. Because the shields are not electrically connected to the loop wire, signals picked-up by the shields are minimally coupled into the coaxial line.


Market Opportunity

The invention is a sensor for measuring magnetic field and electric field phenomena at the same time, and at the same point in space. The structure is substantially symmetric, thereby increasing the effectiveness of differential signal processing to extract the desired signal.


Features & Benefits

•The electric/magnetic dot sensor includes a loop of conductor having two ends to the loop, a first end and a second end; the first end of the conductor seamlessly secured to a first conductor within a first sheath; the second end of the conductor seamlessly secured to a second conductor within a second sheath; and the first sheath and the second sheath positioned adjacent each other. The sensor can be made by removing outer layers in a segment of coaxial cable, leaving a continuous link of essentially uncovered conductor between two coaxial cable legs.


•The resultant symmetry provides a near perfect balance of the coil and interconnection structure. The symmetry allows one signal to be subtracted resulting in a zero for common mode electric field stimulus. The symmetry also provides a maximum signal for suitably oriented magnetic field energy. Adding the signals (instead of subtracting the signals) removes the magnetic field stimulus from the combined signal signature leaving the electric field signal as measurable.


•The reduction and control of the induction and capacitance expands the useful wide bandwidth in the frequency domain.


Intellectual Property        Patent No.: 7,482,814.


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