Compositions Comprising Talens And Methods of Treating HIV


Compositions and methods relating to the treatment and prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases.

The Invention

The invention is a three-component system that can delete large regions of genomic DNA in people, animals, or bacteria with specificity. The invention can be used to treat latent or active infections, such as HIV, by excising viral genomes.

Key Benefits

  • Prophylactic treatment
  • Inhibits microbial escape mutations (more effective treatment)
  • Can be tailored to target a specific disease


  • Pharmaceutical and biotech companies: Develop new gene therapies; new treatments for cancer, infectious diseases and other genetic disorders; new drug candidates; and identify potential targets for drug development
  • Healthcare providers: Tailor treatments to patient’s genetic makeup and diagnose and treat genetic disorders
  • Agriculture and food production: Develop new crops that are more resistant to pests and disease and create more productive and disease-resistant livestock breeds
  • Environmental remediation: Develop new organisms and new techniques for bioremediation
  • Government agencies: Use the technology for a variety of purposes including disease surveillance, biological defense, and environmental monitoring
  • Research institutions: Advance scientific understanding of genetics and develop new techniques and tools for gene editing

Market Opportunity

The U.S. biotechnology industry is valued at $193.1 billion in 2023 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 2.3% to $215.9 billion by 2028.

This invention utilizes a different type of GEEN that has significant damage efficiency as well as the ability to be encoded to inhibit escape mutations.

Development and Intellectual Property Status

The technology is at proof-of-concept stage and warrants active business development and commercialization efforts.



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