Piezochromic Materials for Pressure Sensors



The Invention:

New approach to synthesis. Pyrylium chemistry is a widely available, simpler structure, synthesized more easily compared with other materials. Pyrylium salts represent a class of small organic molecules built on a six-membered cationic heterocyclic structure with one positively charged oxygen ion and a variety of counterions. The piezochromic properties of pyrylium salts have never been previously reported.


  • Simple structure and synthesis
  • Inexpensive


  • The salt can be present in a composition or medium, or on a surface or in/on a coating in a piezochromic amount, such that the composition, medium, surface, or coating.
  • Produces a piezochromic indication in response to a pressure change in the composition or medium or at the surface or coating. 
  • The salts can be also used in other materials science and engineering applications, for instance to map stress distribution in structures, helping to identify areas of high stress and potential failure.

Market opportunity 

The piezoresistive pressure sensors market is valued at a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period (2021-2026). Key trends state that microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are now poised to capture large segments of the existing sensor market and to catalyze the development of new markets.

The rising pattern of low-cost solutions miniaturization of sensors will be able to open new doors for the piezoresistive sensors market. The organizations in this division are continually growing new sensors, particularly for risky/hazardous regions which will additionally help the piezoresistive sensor market.

Nanotechnology applications will positively affect the market development in the next couple of years. The principle favorable position of the piezoelectric sensor is the wide application regions which are a significant driver driving the market, for example, automotive, aircraft, and so forth.


Patent Information:
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Michael Mosher
Director of Commercialization
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Pradip Bhowmik
Haesook Han
Egor Evlyukhin
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