Invention Summary


uNext is an online platform meant to create a digital experience throughout every facet of the hotel experience. Using smart screens and modern remodeling throughout, guests are able to personalize their hotel experience from check-in to checkout through an all-in-one digital platform. App integration adds to the possibilities by allowing for further customization and added guest convenience.


Market Opportunity


Due to globalization and increased business capabilities from technological advances, the hotel industry has experienced a surge in recent years. According to IBISWorld, increases in travel spending and general consumer spending have increased industry growth since 2014 by an annualized rate of 4.0%. In 2019 alone, this rate is supposed to increase by 1.6% to revenues of $206.5 billion. While the hotel industry’s growth is expected to slow in the coming years, this gives opportunity for new technologies to redefine the hotel experience.


In fact, software and tech developers have also enjoyed a surge in revenues in recent years. According to IBISWorld the smartphone/tech developer industry has enjoyed an annualized growth of 7.9% since 2014. With the increase in mobile check-ins and smart phone integrations, technology like uNext can be easily implemented in hotels seeking modern technological advancements. With high demand from guests for a more efficient and streamlined hotel experience, technologies like uNext that facilitate those needs are seeing more opportunities than ever.


Features and Benefits


•       Full online integration allows for faster check-in/out times and streamlined hotel features.

•       Modern remodeling capabilities using digital technology creates a unique and personal atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

•       Online platform allows for real-time updates on measures like check-in experience and overall guest satisfaction.

•       App integration allows the ability to advertise promos and gather feedback instantly.

•       Enhancing the guest experience through digital integration means happier guests more likely to return.


Intellectual Property


US Provisional Patent No.: 62/334,883


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