Water Smart Shower



Invention Summary


This technology proposes a sustainable shower system that reduces water usage by reusing water from the shower for various purposes including toilet flushing, landscaping, and other water applications. A digital interface is included to allow the user control over the showerhead flow, the temperature of the water and a timer function. The smart filtration system along with the digital interface allow for ultimate water sustainability.


Market Opportunity


With a growing market for sustainable household appliances, this technology benefits by an annual growth of 10.5% in the sustainable building materials industry as well as a 2.6% growth in the household appliance manufacturing industry according to IBISWorld. Cost drivers such as recycling initiatives as well as increasing sustainability legislation will ensure growth by incentivizing companies to seek sustainable technologies such as water smart showers to enhance their products.


Within the household appliance industry, opportunities for this technology lie in the 22.5% market segmentation dedicated to building and construction of household appliances, such as fixtures, plumbing, and showers. In regards to the sustainable building materials industry, certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) require companies to adhere to strict sustainability standards. Increasing desire for these types of certifications will lead to increases in the market opportunity for new sustainable technologies.


Features and Benefits


•       A digital interface that can be used to regulate the flow from an aerated showerhead, a temperature controller, and a timer

•       An automatic bifurcation valve that can divert water to two separate tanks

•       A motion sensor which detects the presence of a user in the shower and directs water based on the state of the shower

•       An adjustable aerated showerhead that injects air bubbles in water and automatically changes the percentage of air bubbles

•       A visual cue of total water usage through LED projection


Intellectual Property


U.S. Patent Filed


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