Drone Arm and Gripper


The described Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drone is equipped with a detachable manipulator/gripper system that serves as an arm for inserting, rotating, or grasping targeted objects.


Inventors: Dongbin Kim

Oh: Areas of expertise include Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, UAS, drones), and Humanoids


The Invention: 

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drone featuring a detachable manipulator/gripper system. This manipulator functions as an arm, enabling the insertion, rotation, or grasping of targeted objects. The technology incorporates a flight control and stability algorithm to accommodate changes in weight resulting from different payloads and attached tools. The innovative design allows for the integration of a wide range of attachments and performance functions, expanding the capabilities of UAVs and drones across various applications.



  • Lower impact on stabilization
  • Lower impact on precision control
  • Precision around 95%
  • Parallel jaw gripper
  • Attachable and detachable arm manipulator
  • UAV’s weight is 248g in comparison to the average weight which is between 50kg – 2000kg.

Market Opportunity: 

According to IBISWorld: UAV spending has increased due to Military influence but also non-military UAV avenues have experienced steady growth as well.  Part of the growth can be attributed to the research funding grants from the Federal government. The current revenue is placed at 5.5B.


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Zachary Miles
Associate Vice President for Technology & Partnerships
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dongbin Kim
Paul Oh
Engineering & Manufacturing - Mechanical Engineering
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