Drone Arm and Gripper



Invention Summary


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drone with attachable and detachable manipulator/gripper. This manipulator/gripper works like an arm which can be used to insert, turn, or grasp a targeted object. The technology also integrates a flight control and stability algorithm to account for added/reduced weight due to varying payloads and attachments which can be mounted to the drone.  Due to the innovative design, limitless applications of attachments and performance functions can be incorporated into UAV and drone capabilities.


Market Opportunity


According to IBISWorld: The next five years will be crucial for the industry’s future. As the Pentagon proceeds with new UAV programs, spending on UAVs will rise. Therefore, in the five years to 2020, industry revenue is forecast to climb at an annualized 5.7% to $4.3 billion.


Currently there is no proposed manipulator-gripper designed UAV.


Features and Benefits


•       Lower impact on stabilization

•       Lower impact on precision control

•       Precision around 95%

•       Parallel jaw gripper

•       Attachable and detachable arm manipulator

•       UAV’s weight is 248g in comparison to the average weight which is between 50kg – 2000kg.

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