Solid-State Electrolyte Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries



Invention Summary

We’ve created a sodium-rich antiperovskite (NaRAP) material that greatly improves battery capabilities. Antiperovskite is a type of crystal structure that exists naturally deep in the earth’s mantle that we now can create in the lab. When used as an electrolyte (the material between positive and negative electrodes on a battery), the substance facilitates significant improvements in power generation, power storage, rechargeability, and safety.


This material exists as a solid that is non-toxic, non-flammable, and impact-resistant. The method for producing it creates a microns-thin, rollable film that connects seamlessly with a lithium anode for maximum energy efficiency – which also makes NaRAP material ideal for storage and transfer of power generated by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.


Market Opportunity

Lithium-ion batteries power most of today’s electronics – everything from phones and laptops to cars and airplanes – comprising a $23.5 billion sector of the global battery market. But their liquid-based electrolytes are a significant limitation. Thus sodium-ion batteries using solid-state electrolytes should prove far more desirable and finally allowelectric vehicles to out-compete transportation powered by fossil fuels.


Features & Benefits

• Improved power transfer: means devices can go faster, be more responsive


• Longer-lasting: sodium-ion batteries extend time between charges


• Rechargeable for up to 27 years


• Impact resistant = no risk of leakage


• Safer and more environmentally friendly (NaRAP material is non-toxic)


• Capable of storing excess power generated by windmills and solar panels


• Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, 28% of which come from transportation sector


• Reduced dependence on foreign oil


Intellectual Property       Patent filed

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