Portable Magnetic Stripe Reader for Criminal Security Applications



Invention Summary

The device, along with a web-based service that updates the programs in the device with the most recently detected and reported signatures of disguised cards, and including heuristic programs in the memory of the device: (1) recognizes card data of different types, (such as credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, driver’s licenses, casino player club cards, hotel room key cards including Master Keys, and facility-entrance cards, and (2) is designed to defeat updated disguises to make the data look like data from a different type of card or to render the data unreadable.


Market Opportunity

A tool for police officers and other authorities to determine instantly if the true purpose for the data contained on a magnetic stripe card is different from the data normally found on that type of card. The device can determine if a room key card carries someone’s credit card information. The magnetic stripe reader, combined with a finger-print reader can also determine if a card is being used by its proper owner.


Features & Benefits

•A compact, programmable magnetic stripe reader verification device that will be used to alarm the user if the type of data on the card is inconsistent with the type of card being scanned


•The device, the system, and the web-based service can be used with alternative methods of storing personal identity information data, including but not limited to, bar codes, including 2 1/2- D bar codes, hologram imagery, Smart Cards integrated circuit memory, and to cards that are read in another manner such as a radio frequency tag


•The software of the card reader and computing device is customizable to accommodate an unlimited number of card types that currently exist or might exist in the future


•The software inside the device is able to compare data coded in the magnetic strip to a date/time clock in the device, to confirm that the card meets a pre-determined standard. Further, the device could automatically check bio-identity information on the magnetic stripe against a finger print reader, facial characteristic, hand print capability built in the device


Intellectual Property

Issued US Patent No.: 7,984,849





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