Decrease Toxic Metal Residues in Medicine (N-Heterocyclic Phosphines)



Invention Summary

The invention is a new synthetic method for generation of P-C bonds (phosphorus-carbon bonds) with transition-metal-free reaction conditions. Phosphorus carbon bonds are often found in pharmaceuticals and antimicrobial natural products. Accordingly, creation of P-C bonds under metal-free reaction conditions would be highly desirable in pharmaceuticals because of regulation of toxic metal residues. Further, the invention shortens the synthetic steps for Doxapram—a commercially available respiratory stimulant. The synthetic approach to Doxapram would provide ease of modification of structure.


Market Opportunity

Reducing the number of synthetic steps and removal of impurities such as toxic metal catalysts from drugs are challenging tasks within the pharmaceutical industry, and are significantly related to price deviations. The transition-metal-free synthetic route toward presents a green and cost-effective method.


Features & Benefits

  • The proposed synthetic route avoids the use of transition metal catalysts.


  • The synthesized diazaphospholidine thioureas is useful as phosphorylation reagent and catalyst. Diazaphospholidine constructs phosphorus carbon bonds that are often present in pharmaceuticals and biologically active compounds. Diazaphospholidine thioureas is characterized by a desirable organocatalyst, which enables formation of P-C bonds and brings “green” chemistry in pharmaceutical industries.


  • Although synthesis of vinylphosphonates utilizing metal-catalyzed coupling reactions and their applications in materials chemistry and agrochemistry have been well developed, metal-free reactions for construction of vinylphosphonate are undeveloped yet particularly useful in pharmaceuticals.


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