Biofertilizer to Improve Growth of Turf Grass


Invention Summary

A composition forming a biofertilizer replaces conventional chemical fertilizers for vegetation, including turf grass, for growth and enhancement. The composition spares the environment of excess nitrogen, reduces nitrate and nitrite contamination, and may lower costs associated with typical use of chemical fertilizer. The composition comprises a consortium of bacteria including (at least) Azospirillum brasilense, in combination with bacteria providing other classes of functions. Better than Miracle-Gro, the biofertilizer is not just eco-friendly, it also improves growth and lasts longer.


Market Opportunity

A biofertilizer that could replace chemical fertilizers for turf grass growth and enhancement as well as spare the environment of excess nitrogen as the result of chemical fertilizer use.


Features & Benefits

•       Increases in plant biomass compared to water control and chemical fertilizers.


•       The application may be as low as an average of at least 10 bacteria per cm2 soil or plant, at least 50 bacteria per cm2 soil or plant, at least 250 bacteria per cm2 soil or plant, at least 1000 bacteria per cm2 soil or plant, at  least 20,000 bacteria per cm2 soil or plant, and up to (or even in excess of) the full optimal concentration of bacteria on the plant and in the soils ultimately desired.


•       The fertilizer composition may be blended into an admixture resulting in a granular or powdered product (e.g., with binding agents that are neutral or active with the consortium) or the composition is formed into pills or pellets.


•       The bacterial components reproduce and can remain active at least through an entire growing season or longer. Because the bacteria replicate under natural (ambient) conditions, the initial amount injected into the soil may be small, but will continue to increase towards the highest tolerable or optimal amounts.


Intellectual Property  Patent No. 8,029,593


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