New Biomarkers and Drug Repurposing for Patients with Alzheimer's Disease



Invention Summary

A set of 221 mutations in human genes that are present in all 724 genomes of humans with Alzheimer’s disease, but not present or present only 1 time in 1092 genomes of normal people. These can be used as biomarkers to identify those patients with a high likelihood of getting late onset Alzheimer’s disease (LOAD).


Market Opportunity

Alzheimer's disease is progressive and irreversible, disrupting thinking, behavioral, language, and cognitive skills. It is more prevalent in people aged 65 years or above. Globally, 35 million are suffering from the disease and this number is expected to double by 2030.


Features & Benefits

• 3 of the mutations are in the coding region for 3 proteins that are targets of FDA approved drugs.


• One or more drugs to these genes can be combined into a cocktail for treating LOAD and familial Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Patent Information:
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John Minnick
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University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Jefferson Kinney
Martin Schiller
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